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Manufacturer of Top-Notch Digital Prints & Paper-Based Products

Silver Printing Products Factory

With over 25 years of expertise in both offset and digital printing, we are trusted professionals in the advertising and printing industry. Our company, Silver Printing, has achieved several significant milestones throughout our journey.



  • 2019

    Relocation of Shenzhen workshop and expansion of production capacity

  • 2012

    Opening of the Huizhou factory

  • 2004

    Attainment of ISO 9001 Certification

  • 2002

    Introduction of the 1st wide format digital machine.

  • 2001

    Opening of the digital printing workshop in Shenzhen

  • 1996

    Creation of the SilverPrinting Hong Kong Office

  • 1995

    Establishment of the Dongguan factory

These milestones represent pivotal moments in our growth and commitment to delivering exceptional digital prints and paper-based products. At SilverPrinting, we strive for excellence and innovation in every aspect of our work.

Factories and Facilities

Our operations span two factories located in Dongguan and Huizhou, covering over 20,000 square meters and staffed by over 400 experienced managerial and technical workmen.  With the hope of producing the finest and top-notched products, the company has made substantial capital investments in state-of-the-art equipment and machinery, including laser mold casting machines, heavy-duty pressing machines, automatic box folding and gluing machines, program-control paper cutters, shrink wrapping machines, multi-purpose coating and laminating machines and so on.

Test Report

Having passed the tests of ASTM F963, EN71, and CPSIA, which conform to international safety standards, our products are highly regarded by customers both locally and overseas.



Our Commitment to a Sustainable Future

At SilverPrinting, we are dedicated to creating a greener future for our business and the environment. Through responsible practices, we strive to make a positive impact. Our sustainable printing practices include : 

  • ♻️ Utilizing eco-friendly inks that are biodegradable and non-toxic
  • ♻️ Sourcing FSC-certified paper that is harvested responsibly and sustainably
  • ♻️ Using energy-efficient equipment that reduces our carbon footprint
  • ♻️ Reducing waste by minimizing packaging and recycling materials whenever possible
  • ♻️ Embracing digital printing advancements that reduce the need for physical printing
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Key Strengths

Competitiveness to provide the best products and services.