Exhibition Production
Exhibition Production
Exhibition Production

Exhibition Production

2023 年 10 月 24 日

Exhibition Production

Product Description

Our exhibition production services create immersive experiences for exhibitors and visitors. From concept to execution, our skilled team works closely with you to design custom-built stands, engaging displays, and interactive installations.


Customization available in:

  • Size: Customizable sizes for elements, small to large-scale.
  • Color: Wide range of color choices.
  • Print / Design: Incorporate graphics, images, text, logos, and client-provided visuals.
  • Shape: Unique and striking shapes, standard and creative.
  • Material: Paper, plastic, fabric, metal, wood, glass, eco-friendly options.
  • Thickness: Customizable options for durability and portability.
  • Finishing: Options include matte/gloss lamination, waterproof coatings, metallic finishes.
  • Adhesive: Choose from strong, partial, or removable adhesive.
  • Packaging: Roll packaging or custom cases.

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