2023 年 10 月 27 日
Paper bages
2023 年 10 月 27 日


Product Description

Our posters can capture the essence of any occasion or event. Choose from a variety of sizes, materials, and finishes to make a lasting impression for concerts, businesses, or special milestones.


  • Size: Choose from standard sizes like 11″ x 17″, 12″ x 18″, 18″ x 24″, 24″ x 36″, 36″ x 48″, 48″ x 96″, or any size up to 60″ width.
  • Color: Full-color or specific color schemes.
  • Print / Design: Customizable artwork.
  • Shape: Rectangular or square-shaped, with flexibility for other shapes.
  • Material: Paper (such as matte bond, semi-gloss) or plastic (such as adhesive vinyl, smooth PVC).
  • Thickness: Select from a range of thickness options, such as 120 gsm, 150 gsm, 200 gsm, and 250 gsm.
  • Finishing: Matte/gloss laminate, waterproof coating, or metallic effects.
  • Adhesive: Optional adhesive backing for specific applications.
  • Packaging: Comes with protective sleeves, tubes, or flat packaging.


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